Incoming: Diago Gigman Pedalboard

A good pedalboard can have just as much of an impact on a guitarist’s sound as the guitars he/she uses, yet in general we tend to take a lot more care of our guitars than our pedals. In the past I have been known to just place pedals on stage and set them up there are then. This can be a little time consuming (particularly when setting up for a support slot!) and you also run the risk of kicking your rig across the stage, or worse, cutting yourself off mid show. There are a whole range of pedalboard manufacturers, from cheap and functional to expensive but beautiful custom made cases. a While ago I switched to a small arion hard case which, while perfectly functional, had a whacking great power block that took up a lot of space.


Not much room for one more!

I found myself swapping a couple of pedals back and forth a lot which was obviously not ideal, so in the end I decided to grab something a little bigger. I narrowed it down to:

Pedaltrain Junior

This solid aluminium frame comes complete with a robust gig bag and attachment velcro. Pedaltrain are highly regarded and rightly so, and make a range of pedalboard sizes from the petite pedaltrain nano, way up to the concert worthy pedaltrain grande. However, whichever way I mapped out my pedals on the floor I couldn’t quite get them to fit to the junior, and I couldn’t stretch to the pedaltrain 1.

I had similar issues with:

T-rex Tonetrunk 55

Much like the pedaltrain models, the T-rex tonetrunk features a rock solid aluminium frame and a handy gigbag. The tonetrunk 55 is similar in dimensions to the pedaltrain 1, but I have a few reservations about the soft case. There have been a few gigs where we’ve loaded the car up in a hurry and I imagine after a few bashes the case would start to look a little tired. It is worth mentioning that both T-rex and pedaltrain make hardcases for their boards, but as an optional extra. What I really wanted was a board that was big enough for my needs, but with the solid build of a hardcase. In the end I settled on:

Diago Gigman

These feature rock solid eastern plywood construction, resiliant polyweave fabric and steel latches and corners. I plumped for the gigman model, which clocks in at 60cm x 30cm. I’ll post a full review when it arrives, but in the meantime I have been arranging my pedals on the floor in optimal packing patterns… Finally a use for my childhood addiction to tetris!


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