Playing guitar is great. whether you are strumming a few chords and singing a campfire song, memorising a classical piece, meticulously practicing scales to a metronome or jamming with friends, it is a passion that you get just as much out of as you put in. However, you can spend just as much time reading about guitars in magazines or watching videos on youtube as you can playing the damn things. Even worse, you can spend much more time staring at ebay auctions in order to bag that hard to find effects pedal that you just know will revolutionise your playing. It’s a condition known as GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) and it is what this blog is all about.

Unlike many addictions, GAS doesn’t have to leave you penniless and alone. There is a huge second hand market for music gear on ebay, gumtree and elsewhere which can be used to buy, sell and trade unwanted gear. As such, once you’ve made the initial investment of a couple of guitars, pedals and amps (and you don’t want to hoard every Boss pedal under the sun) you can trade away to your hearts content without much financial input. I’m not saying it’s easy to make a profit but you can certainly turn even if you are a savvy consumer.

Through various trades I’ve probably played more gear than most, a lot of which was either sparingly or not at all reviewed. I decided to start this blog in order to counter this and to put my GAS to good use. Hopefully by reviewing all the different gear that comes my way it will help me decide what to keep and what to move on, as well as helping other people to make more informed decisions when they are making their own purchases.

So there you have it. I hope you follow and find my reviews helpful in some way. Whatever happens it will keep me off ebay which is probably wise given that I have Christmas presents to buy, and I doubt my girlfriend will appreciate a Boss overdrive.


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